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Negar Farah

I’m a Change & Culture Consultant, Certified Neuroscience Coach and Mum of three beautiful young kids living in Wicklow (the Garden of Ireland!).

I love everything related to enabling change for the better and I believe everyone should be able to coach themselves to move through the daily challenges in life. I want you to take the power back.


I help women to…

  • Coach themselves
  • Take their power back over any situation
  • Back themselves
  • Feel empowered

Feel Empowered

I am my first client. Change starts within and ripples out to impact every aspect of your life in ways that you can’t imagine.Your mind can do anything, you just need to understand it.

I have learned tools and techniques over the years and I wish I had them earlier in my career.

But now that I have them, I want to share them with you.


I help women to…

  • Dealing with crippling anxiety
  • Working long hours to climb the corporate ladder felt overwhelmed most of the time – it never feels like enough
  • Believed it’s not possible to love your job unsure about the right decisions to make about my next career move which led me to ‘job hop’ a bit at the start of my career
  • I attached so much value to what others think of me and valued their opinion more than your
  • My career and life path felt unclear especially after having my kids
  • I wanted more purpose
  • I didn’t believe in myself
  • I felt like I was on autopilot
  • I cared about what everyone else thought

I felt stuck and tired of feeling this way.

Once I hired my own coach, everything just got better and I took ownership of everything I was feeling.

It felt so empowering. I took my power back. I backed myself.
I still coach myself every day (5 – 10 mins). It’s like the gym for my mind.

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MY self

Coaching Routine

I teach you how to coach yourself.

My daily self coaching routine will help you take the power back.

It will only take 5 to 10 mins a day and you will notice a difference after just 7 days.

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